Eat Like A Rainbow

Jay Mankita c 2005

I like to eat like a rainbow
Builds my body and it makes my brain grow
Helps my heart beat and my blood flow
I like to eat like a rainbow

Red, orange, yellow, green
The tastiest colors I've ever seen
I like to eat food that's purple and blue
Colorful foods are healthier too

Colorful food makes a colorful meal
And that really colors the way that I feel
I'm livin' in a colorful way
I eat like a rainbow every day

Colorful sunsets, and colorful jokes
Colorful flowers and colorful folks
Colorful shirts and colorful pants
I eat from the rainbow of colorful plants

A rainbow of light from the sun and the rain
My colorful garden is a rainbow again
I eat like a rainbow; my colors shine through
The words that I say, and the things that I do(this is a new verse, not on the album)

Jay Mankita Productions 2011