Eat Like a Rainbow:The LiveConcert!

Eat Like a Rainbow is an entertaining, educational concert offering a fun way to promote and support healthy eating.

Jay’s engaging performance style will engage your children's hearts, minds, and funny bones!

Kids sing along to every song, and you'll find that they are thinking (and singing) about healthy choices, long after the show.

Its easy to bring this show to your town. Concerts are inexpensive, and we take care of everything - contracts, press releases, equipment; and for schools - teacher's guides, and CDs too!

Block-booking discounts are available, especially if your date is flexible.

A few hundred 3rd, 4th & 5th graders are sitting on the floor of the gym today waiting for the concert to begin.

Kids are chatting with happy anticipation; they've seen the posters, heard the buzz, and learned the songs in their classrooms, in the weeks leading up to this day. When Jay begins to play, they're ready to sing.

Jay starts the show with a funky song on electric guitar, then adds acoustic guitar and piano. The kids love his floor percussion rig built of found objects and repurposed materials.

The projection of colorful pictures, video, and lyrics on the big screen encourage reading and singing along!

Jay Mankita Productions 2011