Eat Like a Rainbow

Looking for a participatory, musical concert that kids can really sink their teeth into?

This show is a fun, healthy fit for anyschool, library, festival, or wellness program!

PutumayoArtist & Parents' Choice Award winner Jay Mankita has been delighting children with educational concerts for 25 years.

"so many nice compliments throughout the day, not only about the show and its great message but about your awesome guitar playing and your engaging technique with the students"-Fontaine Sheridan, Grace Day School, Massapequa Park, NY

A few hundred 3rd, 4th & 5th graders are sitting on the floor of the gym today waiting for the concert to begin. Kids are chatting with happy anticipation; they've seen the posters, heard the buzz, and learned the songs in their classrooms in the weeks running up to this day.When Jay Mankita begins to play, they're ready to sing along...

Rainbow Pic from Paul Grade 5

Original Art by Paul, Grade 5

….Jay starts the show with a hip, funky song on electric guitar, then adds acoustic guitar and piano. The kids love his floor percussion rig built of found objects and recycled materials, and the projection of colorful pictures, video, and lyrics projected on the big screen (for indoor shows only).

"I was most impressed with your ability to maintain crowd control while the kids sang and danced. The dancing in their seats was brilliant."-Pat Fleming, Memorial Elementary, Manchester, MA

"Thank you Jay, for an amazing program and tons of interaction."-Margaret Morrissey, Library Director, Jacob Edwards Library, Southbridge, MA

Rainbow Pic by Emma Grade 5

Original Art by Emma, Grade 5

Jay Mankita Productions 2011