Jay Mankita c 1990

I never thought chopsticks were easy to use

When I used ‘em my noodles fell onto my shoes

And the floor was soon covered with noodles and pineapples

Mushrooms and tofu and rice

I learned to play this song on piano

I must have been about five or six

It’s pretty short and very famous

This composition is called chopsticks

This song on the piano requires two hands

But you only use one when you write with a pen

This utensil’s like having two pencils in one hand

Like writing this song and then writing it again

Now maybe I’m just making excuses

Or maybe I need a better brand

And yes, it’s true; there are some people

Who play the piano with just one hand

Now noodles and pineapples, mushrooms and rice,

And tofu are some foods that I think are nice

But there’s food in my hair and without silverware

I feel like my meal has been eaten up twice

It would be good to learn the secret

and eat with chopsticks by and by

So fill my plate and pass the chopsticks

And maybe I’ll give ‘em one more try

Jay Mankita Productions 2011